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Welcome to my website!

My name is Carole Frampton and I am a sound therapist and change facilitator based in Geneva, Switzerland.

My professional career spans nearly three decades in the field of peacebuilding and organisational development. Parallel to my work, I have always been interested in personal development, exploring multiple modalities. My sound-therapy practice now complements my peace work at an individual level.

The very first time I experienced a sound bath - or collective, sound-led meditation - I was inspired to learn how to create my own, loving the deep restoration that they provide. I progressively discovered the power of sound to by-pass our mind and transform the fears and beliefs that limit our lives. I am each time amazed by what emerges when my clients step into a more authentic version of themselves. I particularly enjoy working with couples and families, drawing from my own journey as a life partner of 25 years and a mother of three daughters.

While not a trained psychologist, I resonate strongly with Adler's  individual psychology or "psychology of courage". I see my role as accompanying you through your own beautiful change journey, going with you as far as you are ready to travel. The aim is always greater empowerment, freedom and ease.

Fully bilingual, I can accompany both English and French speakers - in person only, at my sound studio which is easily accessible by public transport and by car - 15' from the Geneva train station.

I look forward to meeting you,