The benefits of sound therapy depend on the objectives of the client. Some come with very specific issues they want to work on, such as burn-out, insomnia or back pain. Others want to free themselves from toxic patterns of thought, behaviours or relationships. Many come as an exploration of self, wanting support as they step out of their comfort zone.

Specific benefits that have been reported by clients:

  • reduced anxiety, greater sense of well-being, better sleep
  • relief from physical pain, such as back, neck or knee pain
  • more mature relationships with loved one, including with parents and children
  • renewed creativity, a new sense of direction or vision for the future
  • greater energy, lessened procrastination and recourse to unhealthy substances
  • higher congruence, living more authentically
  • more joy and ease generally, a healthier relationship with their body

People who have metal inplants or suffer from epileptic episodes must mention it, adaptations are possible. Sound therapy is not suited for people who:

  • have a pace-maker or had recent surgery
  • are in the first quarter of their pregnancy
  • suffer from a psychiatric condition