Voice analysis: this is how we always start, based on a short recording. You will see a graphic representation of the frequencies you use when speaking, giving us clues to identify your strengths and what may be in the way of greater self-expression. This will help us determine what to work on together - your Guiding Question(s) - which in turn will inform which instrument(s) to use.

Vibrational retuning: this is digital sound coming through a sub-woofer placed under a massage table. I will play the specific frequencies your body is asking for, usually very low frequencies that will have you feel deeply relaxed. If you have a sub-woofer at home, I will show you how to listen to "your frequencies" at home.

Tibetan bowls: these are often referred to as singing bowls. Each one resonates at a different frequency. The bowls are directly placed on your body which will vibrate with them. Bowls are very effective in relieving tension and anxiety, they  provide an experience of deep nurturing.

The drum: the drum is a powerful instrument, suited for the release of pent up tensions and emotions. It  helps us identify our life's imposed rythms - to then set our own pace.

Vocal projection: our body strongly reacts to the sound of voices. I use polyphonic singing to help your body release pain and emotions

The gong: this instrument, used in many sacred traditions, speaks to our connection with the world around us and the universe. It takes you on a deep journey where your sense of separation dissolves.

Sound experiences put you usually in a relaxed states. Falling asleep is welcome. If conscious, images will often come up and information is received which are then debriefed afterwards.

A second voice analysis is done at the end of the treatment to take stock of the progress made.