Sound baths for individuals or groups

A sound bath is a 45' sound meditation. It starts very gently, putting you into a state of deep relaxation as you travel through its expansive sounds. If you struggle to meditate on your own or feel constantly "revved up", sound will help you let go of the mind and reconnect with yourself.

For individuals or couples:

When you are in need to relax, a sound bath will immerse you in vibrations that will leave you feeling "cleansed" and expanded. Experienced a couple, it will lead you into a state of communion and peace. The cost is 75 CHF for individuals and 100 CHF for a couple.

Group sound baths:

I offer them on a regular basis at my sound studio, for my clients and for the members of the Healing Joy association. While comforted by being part of a group, you will go on your own journey. These are donation-based and a good introduction to the world of sound. Contact me about forthcoming baths.


Sound baths are a powerful shared experience in a work environment, as part of a team-building or strategic retreat, including as an evening activity. They adapt well to conference venues and a facilitated group intention and debrief can support your meeting objectives. I will be happy to discuss your needs and options with you.