Sound therapy for couples

We fall in love when we resonate strongly with another person and yet, in our journey together, there will be moments of harmony as well as false notes. Whether already coupled for many years or at the early days of your relationship, a couple sound journey will help you harmonize. It can be extremely beneficial as preparation to a commitment like marriage, or it can be a highly enjoyable investment in your relationship as you celebrate a milestone or navigate changing circumstances. 

If in crisis, it can help disrupt toxic patterns, on its own or as a complement to traditional couple therapy. Which ever your objectives are, sound will help you by-pass the rational mind and open up a space where communication becomes easier and more authentic.

How it will look like:

Fist joint session: you just relax togehter and enjoy a nurturing sound bath as a special date with a difference. It starts at the bar/restaurant across my studio and as I introduce myself and say a little more about sound, I also do a short recording of your voices, in case you'd like to go beyond that first experience.

Individual, separate, sessions: you identify what gets in the way of the relationship you'd like to have, based on an analysis of your voice and work on expanding beyond where you normally go, with the help of sound. You can do one or several sessions on your own.

Follow up joint session(s): you explore different questions and insights you have identified in your individual session, with sound as a support.

Joint closing session: you come back together to explore progress made and make new agreements for the future - and then experience together an expanding gong journey.


Each session costs 100 CHF and lasts about an hour. Joint sessions are 150 CHF and last 1h30. Price will depend on number of sessions.

Couples just wishing to connect can just choose to do a sound bath together as a relaxing, shared experience.