Sound therapy for individuals

Sound therapy will help you relax into a more authentic, expanded version of who you are. 

As we engage with the world as children and experience negative feedback and trauma, we shrink to make ourselves fit our family's expectations and cultural norms. We slowly lose access to the wild, the creative, the "too much" parts of ourselves to only express what feels safe to be. Not only that, our body often reflects these limitations in the form of rigidity and pain.

If you long to break away from old patterns, sound therapy sessions will support you on your change journey. We start with a computerised analysis of your voice that will give us helpful clues for engaging with your challenges: what parts of you have you lost access to, what coping mechanisms have you put in place? This will lead us to questions that will guide us through sound therapy. Examples of Guiding Questions are:

  • Which new direction do I want to take next professionally?
  • How can I reclaim my childhood's playfulness and creativity?
  • How can I let go of grief/anger to step into a new chapter?
  • What is my body telling me with this pain?

We will keep coming back to your Guiding Question(s), using different vibrations to help release what has been contracted for too long and letting answers gently emerge in the process.

How it will look like:

First session: we start with a voice analysis based on a short recording, followed by a discussion of the Guiding Question(s) you would like to work with and ending with your first sound experience.

Follow-up sessions: each one is different, co-created with you as we keep coming back to your Guiding Question(s). The choice of the instruments used (vibrational retuning, Tibetan bowls, the drum, voice projection or the gong - see Additional Information) may change from one session to the next, or remain the same throughout.

Final session: we do another voice recording to reflect on the your progression and learning; the session closes with a final sound experience, usually the gong.

Clients usually have 4 or 5 sessions, scheduled on a weekly basis or more spaced out to let the impact of sound unfold. A single session is also effective and can bring already helpful insights and release.


Each session costs 100 CHF, lasts between 1h15 and 1h30. A package of 5 sessions costs 450 CHF.